Photos of covid grantees

Week 19: COVID-19 Response Grants

Desert sunset scene with saguaro cactus in foreground

Learn About Upcoming CFSA Grant Opportunities!

Graphic for voting YES on Prop 481

CFSA Board of Trustees Supports Prop 481

We Are One | Somos Uno Resiliency Fund Nonprofit Continuity Grant Recipients

5 Photos of COVID Grantees carrying out their work during COVID

Week 18: COVID-19 Response Grants

COVID-19 Week 17 grant recipients. 5 photos of the winners

Week 17: COVID-19 Response Grants

Image with cactus in the foreground

CFSA Announce Two New Grant Opportunities

Graphic for COVID Wk 16 Grantees

CFSA Announces Additional $128,000 in COVID-19 Event Relief Grants

Graphic for COVID Wk 15 Grantees

Week 15: COVID-19 Response Grants

MAP Recovery Graphic

Tracking Tucson’s Economic Recovery: Good Progress So Far

Collage of COVID grantees doing work during the pandemic

Week 14: COVID-19 Response Grants

COVID-19 Workplace Commons: An Initiative by Arizona State University and the World Economic Forum

Photo of Black man in black graduation cap and gown holding a diploma

CFSA is proud to announce the African American Educational Opportunity Fund

Collage of COVID grantees carrying out their work during the pandemic

Week 13: COVID-19 Response Grants

We are one Somos Uno

We Are One | Somos Uno Resiliency Fund Small Business and Nonprofit Continuity Grants Open July 31

CFSA Expands Catchafire Program To Serve 500 Nonprofits

Collage of COVID grantees carrying out their work during the pandemic

Week 12: COVID-19 Response Grants

CFSA President and CEO Clint Mabie Announces Retirement

Woman in protective mask catches box while standing in the back of a pickup truck

Coronavirus pandemic plunges Tucson nonprofits into fiscal quagmire

Collage of nonprofit professionals carrying out their mission

Week 11: COVID-19 Response Grants

LGBTQ+ Alliance Fund announces $72,000 in grants as they welcome Andrés Cano as new Director

Three individuals holding signs that read "Five Wishes"

CFSA and The Lovell Foundation Announce $3.6 Million in End-of-Life Care Grants

Collage of COVID grantees carrying out their work during the pandemic

Week 10: COVID-19 Response Grants

Profile image of a woman wearing a mask next to the words, "CFSA's COVID-19 Response Survey June 2020"

CFSA’s COVID-19 Response Survey

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