Collage of grantees: kids jumping in the air in front of a colorful mural; a large crowd gathered outdoors at night; a theatre building with a fire and people performing outside of it

CFSA Grants $20,000 to Local Arts Organizations

The Community Foundation for Southern Arizona is excited to announce $20,000 was granted to two Southern Arizona arts nonprofits from CFSA’s Endowment for the Arts Fund.

CFSA has supported the arts since its founding in 1980. As one of only 7 community foundations to receive a 2:1 challenge grant in 1986 from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), CFSA embraced the opportunity to establish a fund to support the work of small and medium-sized arts organizations based in rural communities.

The goal of CFSA’s Endowment for the Arts Fund is to assist arts groups develop into organizations that possess a mission/vision that promotes high quality artistic expression; have an active and engaged Board of Directors; and recruit volunteers and staff members that have a strong relationship with the community.

Since 1987, 358 unrestricted operating grants have been distributed totaling $556,390 to small and medium-sized arts organizations based in rural communities.

Endowment for the Arts 2021 Grantees

Border Arts Corridor (BAC) sees the border between Douglas, Arizona and Agua Prieta, SON as an opportunity to create art that transcends boundaries and unites communities. They work to drive forward social justice policies, public art, and local artists who shine a light on the communities in which they live.

Jenea Sanchez, Artistic Director & Founder of BAC, shared, “We are thrilled to be recipients of the CFSA Endowment for the Arts grant, which will enable us to fund the 2022 BAC Fellowship who will engage in research and development of new works of art as a result of engaging in deep collective research related to the borderlands.”

Jenea further explained the importance of the collective research to help the community understand the history and culture that makes up the complexity of the borderlands.

Bi-National Arts Institute celebrates and strengthens the border community through bi-national arts creation, education, performance and exchange.

Lori Keyne, Director of the Bi-National Chorus, shared, “We will use this grant to begin a bi-national music school centered in Naco Arizona and Naco Sonora. This money will help to subsidize private music instruction during the Summer with the use of Jamkazam software for young students. We look forward, because of this opportunity, to an increase of students this fall. Thank you CFSA!”