Three photos of new CF Campus mural. One with a girl holding an agave plant; one with an older woman; and one with a young man. The final photo is of Ignacio Garcia painting the mural in bright colors.

Community Foundation Campus Mural Honors CFSA’s Former CEO

The Community Foundation for Southern Arizona is proud to announce the completion of a large-scale mural by local artist Ignacio Garcia at the Community Foundation Campus.

The completion of this mural fulfills the vision that Clint Mabie, CFSA’s former President & CEO, had for the Community Foundation Campus when the building was first acquired back in 2017. As a unique nonprofit co-working and event space, the Campus was designed to be a central place for Southern Arizona’s nonprofit community to come together. Clint’s vision included a large-scale mural that would communicate to visitors and tenants that the Campus is a welcoming place that values inclusion and equity for all.

Upon the announcement of Clint’s retirement in June 2020, several donors generously contributed the funds necessary to bring his vision of a large-scale mural to life.  To reach as many local artists as possible, CFSA partnered with the Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona to release a call to local muralists and facilitate the selection process. A mural committee comprised of CFSA staff and trustees, Campus tenants, representatives from CFSA’s initiatives, and local community members worked together to select three finalists from over nineteen applicants.

After selecting three finalists and reviewing their presentations, the committee selected Ignacio Garcia to complete the mural at the CF Campus. With a unique understanding of the large-scale concept, Ignacio’s design proved to be both captivating from a distance and engaging up close to create a visually welcoming Campus. The design wraps around the elevator tower at the northeast corner of the Campus and reflects CFSA’s values and purpose.

As a Tucson street muralist for the past seventeen years, Ignacio is proud to have created some of the most intriguing murals throughout Arizona. The opportunity to show the public his beliefs through art further drives Ignacio’s passion and led to his interest in the CF Campus mural. He shared, “I wanted a mural for the CF Campus because the direction they are headed in is an expansion of public art that Tucson needs.”

Thanks to our generous donors and Ignacio’s vision, CFSA is proud to present a mural that not only honors Clint’s significant contributions to the Foundation over the last decade, but also highlights the diverse and vibrant communities we serve.