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African American Legacy Fund Grants $50,000 to Eight Local Organizations

The African American Legacy Fund (AALF), an initiative of the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona (CFSA), is proud to announce $50,000 was granted to eight local organizations in their 2021 grant round to address the educational and economic disparities faced by African Americans living in Southern Arizona.

Founded in 2013 by esteemed educator, philanthropist, and civic leader Dr. Anna Jolivet, Ph.D., AALF has a vision of what Southern Arizona can be when we bring together people, money, and goodwill to make sure all our children, youth, and families have the opportunities and resources to prosper.

Since AALF’s first year of grantmaking, $185,661 total has been granted to organizations serving African American youth communities in Southern Arizona.

AALF 2021 Grantees

Grantee Highlights

Desiree Cook, Founder of I Am You 360, shared, “I Am You 360 believes that our most vulnerable youth should not have to worry about their basic hygiene needs on top of the already challenging world they must now navigate with virtual learning and many not having a support system in place due to many schools still being closed. I Am You 360 has remained a safe haven for young people and it’s doors have stayed open three times per week. Our goal is to remove the band-aid and increase the public’s knowledge on the high needs of young people, particularly in Pima County.”

LPKNC provides prevention and intervention services on the south side of Tucson over the last eight years.

Jamal Givens, President & CEO of LPKNC, stated,This project meets LPKNC’s mission of reducing drug use and promoting mental wellness. This grant will be additional funding for LPKNC to use to reach more people especially people of color, predominately African Americans in our community. 

Danielle Corbett, Committee Chair for Sustainable Tucson, shared, “Sustainable Tucson is excited about having the AALF Grant to help the local Kidane Mehret Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church serve the food needs of the surrounding area; at the same time foster a scientific, financial literacy, and vocational mentorship program for the community to highlight the importance of environmental awareness in urban areas.”

Educational Enrichment Foundation has seen success with their Greatness Academy STEM mentor program, which focuses on STEM education for African American students, over the past eight years.

Dawn Bell, Executive Director of Education Enrichment Foundation, shared, “We will provide experiences for African American students through STEM enrichment programs and STEM camps. Additional financial support allows us to broaden the reach to more African American students and expand their opportunities for success.”