The Community Foundation for Southern Arizona is here to help you reach your philanthropic goals, whatever they may be.

When you consider establishing your philanthropic legacy through the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona, your options range from creating an unrestricted fund to address emerging and evolving community needs, to establishing a donor advised fund from which you will recommend grants, to creating a designated fund that will benefit specific organizations.

Unrestricted Funds

If you would like to make an impact and address prevailing needs in the community, you can establish an unrestricted fund to support CFSA’s responsive grantmaking.  We evaluate all aspects of southern Arizona’s well-being, from the arts to economic development, education, and human services, and together CFSA will respond to our community’s greatest needs as they evolve.

Donor Advised Funds

Donor Advised Funds (DAF) offer a personalized approach to philanthropy. As a fund adviser, you actively participate in grantmaking by making recommendations from your fund, through CFSA, to your preferred organizations.

You are encouraged to share your observations about specific charitable needs that interest you with the CFSA team. Our staff will inform you of projects or organizations that may match those interests. You may also name a successor adviser, such as your children, to continue your families legacy.

Click here to learn more about opening a Donor Advised Fund.

Designated Funds

A designated fund is established to benefit a particular charity or charities. At the Community Foundation, rest assured we will direct your funds toward your area of interest even if the organization you identified is no longer in business


There are several ways to help improve access to higher education for Southern Arizona youth. You may specify that academic or vocational scholarships be awarded to graduates of a certain high school or high schools in our region. You may also direct CFSA to make distributions directly to a particular school, as well as earmark them for general or field of study scholarships.

Supporting Organizations

Using your gifts to establish a supporting organization is an alternative to a private foundation with only a fraction of the administrative responsibilities. You select board members, maintain personal involvement, and support the causes and organizations you care about while benefiting from the favorable tax treatment of a public charity.

The investment management, startup costs, grant administration, and reporting requirements can be handled by the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona.

Field of Interest Funds

A Field of Interest fund is established to support grantmaking for a specific cause. Our current donors have targeted areas such as education, the elderly, animal welfare, the arts, and other community interests. These resources are brought together to address specific needs in our community.

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