A Love Letter to Southern Arizona

Over the last few months, we asked CFSA donors, volunteers, staff, and partners to share what they love most about Southern Arizona. Those statements were then combined to create a thoughtful tribute to our community.

As part of this month’s celebration of love and gratitude, we are pleased to share with you this love letter to Southern Arizona.

We are truly grateful to everyone who contributed their thoughts, talent, and time to create this tribute to the extraordinary region we call home.

In Southern Arizona, we BLOOM together.

A Love Letter to Southern Arizona

Ah, Southern Arizona. Beautiful, quirky, colorful Southern Arizona. How do I love thee?

I love you with a mind as open as your endless skies. For the scent of creosote and dust at the edge of every storm, and the rush of monsoon waters recarving your arroyos.

I love you for your birdsong and your languages and the generous hearts of the people who speak them.

I love you for your foods and music and dance and arts, self-assembling in a diverse mosaic, wonderful and uncontained.

I love you for your javelinas, your bats and cicadas, and your beauty in the smallest places.

I love you for your dry heat and warm smiles. For your cool in winter, for snow on saguaros.

I love you for your sky islands and your sky’s-the-limit imagination.

For hawks on high and hope within.

I love you for your trails and mountains, your lights and starry nights.

I love you for your connections and compassion and community.

For the space to create and innovate, for rest and restoration, and for opportunity and sustainability.

Southern Arizona, I love you and answer your call to build an even better tomorrow by coming together today.

Because forever, together, we bloom.

Voiced by R. McKinney. Video by BG Boyd.