2023 Campus Artist Spotlight: Chip Travers

The Community Foundation for Southern Arizona and CF Campus are thrilled to highlight individuals currently showcasing their art on our Campus! In March 2023, CF Campus welcomed 60 newly installed pieces of art that will be on display for a year and available to purchase. CFSA is proud to offer this opportunity to local artists at no cost and receives no commission on artists’ sales. 

Featured artist Chip Travers is a retired art director, cartoonist, and marketing / creative director. His background is the East Coast as a junior art director right out of the State University of New York to the legendary Madison Avenue work scene.

Q&A with Chip Travers

Tell us about your favorite medium. Why is it your favorite?

The fine art scene is all new to me, being out of the commercial art world. So let me start…I was always doing black and white sketching in sketchbooks and producing art for reproduction…now fast forward to watercolor and prisma color pencils with a touch of gouache and acrylic paint…

Where do you find inspiration?

From the world around me.

How do you usually start your pieces?

Starts as a pencil or sharpie sketch.

What motivates you to create art?

It’s the product of an imaginative mind and how I can affect all around me.

Why do you think it is important for art to be part of public spaces?

Art is an expression of our lives, past and present and future, and the willingness to share with others.

Are there any other comments that you would like to add?

Yes…by opening the public space at the CF you are making it possible for more people to experience your time and talents.

Chip’s work is currently on display at CF Campus.
Contact Campus to schedule a time to see Chip’s work and the other artwork on display.

Check out more of Chip’s work on his website Chip Travers Productions