The Future of Community Leadership Workshop
September 11, 2019  11:00 am – 1:00 pm  

According to national data, “The nonprofit sector is experiencing a seismic demographic shift as Baby Boomers reach retirement age. This shift already is creating a vacuum in leadership that will continue for the next two decades” (Nonprofit Sector Leadership Report, 2016).

The young leaders we have worked with see things differently. They say:

  • The next generation of leaders are already here and have wisdom to share
  • They are willing to step up and explore what leadership could look like for them
  • They are curious about how their leadership fits in today’s organizations
  • They are willing to do the work of stepping up and are seeking support for doing just that

We’ve listened to the leaders of today, and to the leaders of tomorrow. Join us to continue the conversation.

In this high-engagement workshop, participants will learn about the challenges and opportunities in engaging the next generation of leaders, explore the surprising research on what makes an effective leader, and think about steps to fostering courageous next generation leadership in their organizations and communities.

All are welcome in this community leadership conversation.

Bryn Jones:

Bryn helps individuals, leaders, and organizations build momentum for change in their lives, organizations, and communities.  With a background in social and environmental justice, an education in law and policy, a long career as a leader in the nonprofit sector, and a desire to help build compassionate, healthy and resilient communities, she seeks to help others find power and compassion in themselves and share power and humanity with others.  She is also a mother of two little boys who has given her the incentive to live up to the person they believe her to be.

Sarah Griffiths:

Sarah’s work is grounded in a desire to build just, resilient and healthy communities. Using strengths-based facilitation and individual coaching, Sarah supports the growth that allows us to share power, and build life-affirming leadership. She works with individuals, executives and organizations to support them in bridging the gap between where they are and where they want to be. Originally from Manchester, England, Sarah has lived in the USA since 1996. During this time, she has completed an MFA, been a teacher, a public education advocate, a foundation professional, and has spent over 20 years consulting and coaching. She moved to Tucson in 2003.

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