Capacity Building Workshop Series for Nonprofits: Informative series designed for nonprofit CEO’s and Board Members
The Bottom Line: Financial Issues
Dec. 15, 2017  
11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m
United Way of Tucson | 330 N Commerce Park Loop, Suite 200

Details:  In larger nonprofits, responsibilities related to the organization’s finances and compliance are identified by the Board and assigned to finance and/or audit committees comprised of CPAs and other professionals.  In smaller nonprofits, the Board often assumes those roles.  In addition to being responsible for ensuring accurate and transparent information to donors and other interested parties, board members find themselves responsible for the integrity of the organization’s financial statements, internal controls, independent audit oversight, risk management, the organization’s ethics and compliance program, and the review of IRS Form 990.

Presenters: Jennifer Phillips and Mary Huerstel
Cost: Free
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