MAP Dashboard Indicator Review Sessions

As a founding member of the MAP Dashboard, we cordially invite you to join us for any of the six separate Indicator Review Sessions to be held at the Eller College of Management in September.

Please register by following the link below. Seating is limited.

MAP Dashboard Indicator Review Sessions

The MAP Dashboard has quickly become a trusted source of information for measuring Southern Arizona’s well-being, identifying trends, and tracking the region’s overall performance and direction. The MAP Dashboard is a free resource that allows citizens to track how the community is performing across a wide range of measures. The goals of the MAP Dashboard are to inspire action through data-driven decision making to capitalize on opportunities and collectively address areas that need improvement.

Every three years the MAP Dashboard team invites members from the community to take part in selecting which indicators to track for the future. This September we will be holding six separate Indicator Review Sessions – one for each category. Join us to hear from experts within the community, review and analyze the current MAP indicators, and explore (and vote on) new indicators.

You’re Invited. Join us to make your voice heard. We want to hear your thoughts, perspectives, and specific recommendations for indicators to track over the next three years.

Seating is limited and the Indicator Review Sessions are expected to fill up quickly. To participate, do the following:

 Review the current indicator categories below and determine which topic(s) is/are most important to you
– Visit the MAP Dashboard Indicator Review Session Registration Webpage; fill out and submit the webform. Session details will be provided in a confirming email.