Imagining and Rehearsing for our Dream World is an introduction to abolition and transformative justice. We’ll practice stretching our imaginations to think about a world without prisons and policing and the types of shifts materially and culturally that would be necessary for an abolitionist future. We’ll also spend time discussing how to be in alignment with abolitionist principles, especially for conflict resolution within our organizations.

Featuring Denée Jackson of …& Liberation LLC

More about Denée

Beginning in college, I found myself deeply and urgently immersed in racial justice equity work, which informed all of my career choices and a lot of how I spend my time and live my life. I identify as an abolitionist, transformative justice practitioner, and birthworker and I really try to ground in truth and love in everything that I do. Recently I’ve spent time organizing with Jewish Voice for Peace, Black Lives Matter LA, Queers for Palestine LA, and the Tempest Collective. I lean into this work imperfectly: I believe in a vulnerable and brave commitment to centering the most marginalized communities which requires the space to learn from mistakes and collaboratively remain accountable to them. My approach is gentle, direct, and always with care.

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Sponsored by Vitalyst Health Foundation and CFSA.