“Leading Through the Intersections” is a journey into the heart of intersectionality, showing how our mix of identities – like race, gender, and background – shapes the way we see and interact with the world. It’s about first getting real with ourselves, recognizing our own stories and biases, and learning how to create spaces where everyone feels empowered to be their authentic selves. Frank Velásquez Jr. will help attendees do a bit of self-exploration so that we can tackle the tough stuff together. We will discover ways how to step up and when to step back. Join us as we shake up the white space and make it an equitable space where the global majority can lead with authenticity, courage, and joy!

Featuring Frank Velásquez Jr. of 4 Da Hood, LLC

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Sponsored by Vitalyst Health Foundation and CFSA.

About the Facilitator 

Storyteller Extraordinaire, Social Justice Warrior, and Community Trailblazer! With a heart as big as his vision, Frank Velásquez Jr. dances on the frontlines of change, armed with an unshakeable belief in racial and gender equity. Whether he’s dropping knowledge on the conference stage or brainstorming behind the scenes, Frank’s passion for social justice is as infectious as his smile. And he’s not just connecting us through our stories; he is weaving together a beautiful tapestry of our communities.

As the founder of 4 Da Hood and the mastermind behind the Ascending Leaders in Color fellowship program, Frank is forging paths for people of color to lead with authenticity, courage, and joy! Because for Frank, advancing equity isn’t just a job—it’s a movement towards building generational wealth for communities of color!