LGBTQ+ Alliance Fund Advisory Board

LGBTQ+ Alliance Fund Team

Kelly Huber

Kelly Huber has 20 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, working in all aspects of the industry, from executive leadership, fundraising/development, and programmatic capacities. She earned a BA in Spanish, a BS in Environmental Science, and an MS in Nonprofit Organizational Management and holds a certification as a CAP-Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy®.  Some of her favorite work since starting at CFSA in 2013 surrounds building funder collaboratives, community partnerships,  and the joy of working with donors and foundations to create current giving and legacy plans to match their values now and forever.

As the mother of two teenage boys, she is skilled in the art of negotiation. As a native Tucsonan, her favorite Eegees flavor of the month is Lucky Lime. #nonprofitlife.

Jeaiza Quiñones Ivory

Jeaiza Quiñones Ivory began her journey into nonprofit work as a volunteer and student worker in her native St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. Eight years later, her work with CFSA has allowed her to nurture a passion for grantmaking, program planning, IDEA work and nonprofit capacity building. Her personal goal is working toward ensuring access to communities who are underrepresented in philanthropic work and pursuing more opportunities for unrestricted grantmaking which has been a transformative aspect of her work in Southern Arizona.

Jeaiza earned her BA in English at Prairie View A&M University and an MS in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations at Syracuse University. Her favorite things to do in Arizona are road trips, hiking, and driving up Mount Lemmon whenever she has the opportunity.

Learn more about Jeaiza!

Meg Sheehan

Meg is excited to bring her decades of nonprofit and event planning experience to CFSA and the Tucson community!

After spending most of her adult life in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Meg discovered the people and landscape of Tucson, making it her forever home. She appreciates the welcoming and kindhearted nature of Tucsonans and aspires to create a long-term, positive impact for CFSA and the LGBTQ+ Alliance Fund.

Outside work, she enjoys exploring on her bike and hiking boots, traveling internationally, and being a mom to two extraordinary young women.

Former Board Members
  • Edna Meza Aguirre
  • Julie Barkmeier-Kramer
  • Margo Barnes
  • Brian Bateman
  • Jennie Bennett
  • Kristen Birner
  • Shannon Cain
  • Kathy Campbell
  • Neal Dorschel
  • Sally Dodds
  • Ryan Fette
  • Ken Foster
  • Ramon Garcia
  • Vicki Gaubeca
  • Oscar Hinojosateve
  • Oliver Hickman
  • Steve Henderson
  • Michael Hutchins
  • John Jackson
  • John Jarvise
  • Sarah Jones
  • Charles Kocher
  • Jamie Lee
  • James Leos
  • Bruce Lehmann
  • Noel Matkin
  • David Messick
  • Kevin McCoy
  • Michael Miller
  • Casey Chimneystar Limon-Condit
  • Joel Meister
  • Thom Melendez
  • Philip Moul
  • Scott Neeley
  • Doug Noffsinger
  • Miki Odawa
  • Lori Pascarella
  • Mike Petillo
  • Mike Pollack
  • Stephen Russell
  • Frances Sjoberg
  • Barb Smith
  • Craig Snow
  • Randy Soderstrom
  • Vicky Stromee
  • Rosie Tucker
  • Dianne Van Tasell
  • Alan Taylor
  • Kim Kotov
  • JP Martin
  • Erin Russ
  • Jason Thorpe
Initial Advisory Committee
  • Josefina Ahumada
  • Jean Baker
  • Jonathan Bengal
  • Ronald Bogard
  • Beth Carey
  • Jason Cianciotto
  • Dan Fahy
  • Alexander Goodrum
  • Kristie Graham
  • Linda Lopez
  • Mary Belle McCorkle
  • Rosemary Neimann
  • John Peck
  • Ernest Perez
  • Gloria Proo
  • Alan Storm
  • Jim Thomas
  • Karen Uhlich
  • John Vasquez-Bedoy