Alliance Fund Receives Significant Support from Three Donors

The LGBTQ+ Alliance Fund, a fund of the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona, is pleased to announce that three donors have made a significant gifts to support and expand the operations of the Alliance Fund over the next three years.   Gloria Devore, Sylvia Mulka, and Doug Noffsinger have pledged a combined total of $150,000 over the next three years in order to further grow the Fund’s grantmaking capacity.

Gloria, Sylvia and Doug have been involved with the Alliance Fund for many years and share a collective vision of the incredible impact that their gifts can make on the future of LGBTQ philanthropy in Southern Arizona for years to come.  They recognize that the need for the Fund to protect the safety and well-being of individuals in the LGBTQ community, particularly its young, elderly, and transgender members, is as strong as ever.  In making this pledge, Gloria, Sylvia and Doug stated “both money and leadership aimed at community cohesion and strength are needed. The time is right for the Alliance Fund to take the steps necessary to exercise greater influence and increase its funding prowess.”

Gloria, Sylvia, and Doug have earmarked their gifts to support the administrative and development staffing of the Fund.  Thus, the Alliance Fund Board has decided to continue the current administrative support provided through Kelly Huber’s outstanding leadership, but also hire a part-time development staff person who will assist the Board in growing the Fund.  The Board anticipates hiring for this position later this summer and having the selected candidate start by early fall.

The Alliance Fund Board of Directors expressed their deep appreciation and gratitude to the donors. Tim Olcott, Alliance Fund’s Advisory Board Chair, said “the vision and generosity of these three donors is truly inspiring.  The Board is profoundly grateful to Sylvia, Doug and Gloria for their incredible generosity. We pledge to work diligently to ensure that their gifts have a transformative effect not only on the work of the Fund, but also on our entire Southern Arizona community.”

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