Meet the Staff

We are here to help you support what you love where you live.

Community Foundation Administration

Clint Mabie, President and CEO
520-770-0800 ext. 7105

Shari Stapleton-Smith, Executive Assistant to President and CEO – HR Manager
520-770-0800 ext. 7120



Missy Bowden, Chief Financial Officer
520-770-0800 ext. 7115

Cat Kiesel, Senior Accountant
520-770-0800 ext. 7101

Michael Wiley, Finance Associate
520-770-0800 ext.7125

Marketing & Communications

Ana M. Tello, Senior Director of Marketing & Communications


Mark Montoya, Vice President of Operations
520-770-0800 ext. 7127

Zoey Fife, Data Systems Administrator

Philanthropic Services and Community Investments

Jennifer Jones, Director, Donor Engagement, Philanthropic Services
520-770-0800 ext. 7110

Mary Louise Luna, Director, Planned Giving, Philanthropic Services
520-770-0800 ext. 7107

Enedina Miller, Associate, Philanthropic Services
520-770-0800 ext. 7111

Kelly Huber, Director, Strategic Grants and Initiatives, Community Investments
520-770-0800 ext. 7302

Andrea Carmichael, Associate, Community Investments
520-770-0800 ext. 7129