About Press Forward Southern Arizona

Press Forward Locals are a network of chapters across the country where funders bring new donors and foundations together to expand resources for local news. These chapters are an
opportunity for funders to create place-based initiatives, driven by the specific information needs of their communities.

The Community Foundation for Southern Arizona is excited to lead Press Forward Southern Arizona and build upon our efforts to support local news and information in the region.

About Press Forward

Press Forward is a national movement to strengthen our democracy by revitalizing local news and information.

The steady and significant decline in the availability of reliable, fact-based local news across the country is connected to growing threats to democracy, increasing polarization, and the spread of disinformation. At the same time, over a decade of investment in journalism experimentation and transformation have produced new models and solutions that are ready to scale, and a new generation of leaders prepared to reinvent and revitalize the field. Press Forward partners are moving from individual grantmaking strategies to a shared vision and coordinated action.

Press Forward is a national coalition investing more than $500 million to strengthen local newsrooms, close longstanding gaps in journalism coverage, advance public policy that expands access to local news, and scale the infrastructure the sector needs to thrive. Join the movement at pressforward.news.


Press Forward Southern Arizona was established in 2024 to provide ongoing community leadership and recurring philanthropic support to Southern Arizona news outlets. We strive to rebuild trusted local news and information in our community. Together, staff and the Advisory Board are building a long-term strategic plan to sustain this work, executing campaigns and events to increase community awareness, engage local donors, and seek national funding.