Language wields immense power. Join Frank Velásquez Jr., Founder of 4 Da Hood, for this transformative 75-minute workshop in which he’ll present attendees with a much-needed take on how nonprofits can tell stories that honor and uplift communities of color.

With a deep understanding of the impact of language on social narratives, Frank will explore with attendees the potency of asset-based language, a method that shifts the narrative lens from deficit-framed perspectives to the strengths and capabilities of the community. By highlighting the talents and contributions of these communities, attendees can learn how to counteract harmful narratives and foster a more inclusive, respectful, and empowering discourse.

Frank’s expertise offers a roadmap for communicators, nonprofits, and advocates to amplify the authentic voices and positive stories within our communities, ultimately leading to a more equitable and just society. Frank’s session is not just about words; it’s about redefining how we perceive and engage with our communities, challenging the status quo, and unlocking the potential for meaningful, positive change through community-centered storytelling.

About Frank Velásquez Jr.
A racial and gender equity advocate, Frank Velásquez Jr. leads and collaborates with passion, authenticity and an open mind. He connects to the stories that make each of us who we are and the stories that inextricably connect us to each other. His passion is to bring local, regional, and national attention to the inequities that communities of color face so that they can economically advance and build their generational wealth. Frank currently does this through his business, 4 Da Hood, and its signature Ascending Leaders in Color fellowship program in which people of color have their own space to authentically be.


Please note that this is a two-part series, with this session taking place on November 9 and the next session taking place in person on December 5.

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