There is a growing awareness of the need for incorporating a governance committee. This is a leading best practice among nonprofits. This session will provide the following learning objectives so you will have the tools to create an effective governance committee.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define the “why” and” what” of the governance committee
  • Create a charter for the governance committee
  • Share case studies, experiences, best practices (there is no one way or right answer)
  • Address questions, ideas and suggestions

Experiential Objectives:

  • We are open and curious to learn more about this topic
  • We respect each other’s experience and perspectives
  • Our time is well spent
  • We enjoy the process of collaboration

About Our Speaker

Catherine Tornbom is a mediator and organization consultant with Interfuse Associates, a consulting firm she founded in 2003. Interfuse Associates helps organizations of all types, stages, and industries implement a work culture that embeds diversity, equity, and inclusion; skillfully and respectfully resolves conflict; and increases productivity through collaboration. Catherine brings over 30 years of experience as a seasoned consultant, mediator, executive coach, speaker and trainer. She is an active volunteer and currently serves on two boards and is definitely a Governance geek.