Community Member Participation

Are you looking to serve on a board? Or connect with a mission that touches your heart?

BoardConnect is an exciting event that connects potential board members and volunteers to nonprofit organizations in Southern Arizona. Through this BoardConnect event, CFSA hopes to ignite relationships in the community and show individuals how they can support a nonprofit’s mission that resonates with them.

From working directly with clients to helping with essential tasks to serving on a committee or board of directors, there are MANY ways to contribute your time and talents to serve our community and improve the quality of life in Southern Arizona. BoardConnect is a networking event for:

  • Individuals new to Tucson and looking for a way to connect and give back to the community
  • Retired or semi-retired with the hope of doing some meaningful volunteer work in the community
  • Individuals thinking about serving on a nonprofit board but don’t know how to connect with an organization that needs volunteer leaders with your skills and capabilities.

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to register today!

Nonprofit Organization Participation

If your organization wishes to participate, please complete theapplication form found here. We will notify you if you are selected to be one of the 30 organizations. This two-hour event allows for two representatives from your organization (ideally one staff member and one board leader) to participate.

The deadline for nonprofit registration will be Friday, April 25, 2024, or when we reach 30 eligible organizations.

What to Expect

Each participating nonprofit will be provided with a large table and two chairs. We encourage nonprofits to bring materials for their space, such as poster/tabletop displays, photos of your mission in action, info sheets, brochures about your organization, etc. Nonprofits should be sure to have a means to collect names and contact information of interested potential board members. CFSA will provide participants with a spreadsheet highlighting participating nonprofits to facilitate connections with organizations that interest them.

Refreshments will be served.


For any additional questions, please contact Rose Snyder at the Center for Healthy Nonprofits at