Join Frank Velásquez Jr., Founder of 4 Da Hood, for the follow-up to last month’s workshop, Using Asset-Based Language to Reclaim the Narratives of Communities of Color.  This 75-minute workshop will go beyond the written word, offering fresh insights that challenge traditional donor engagement conversations. Frank’s expertise in community-centered fundraising practices is set to illuminate a path toward more meaningful and impactful donor relationships.

In this workshop, Frank will share practical strategies and real-world examples of how nonprofit staff can shift their focus from transactional donor interactions to building authentic, transformative partnerships with donors and other stakeholders. By centering the community within the storytelling and donor engagement processes, nonprofits can create a sense of shared purpose and deeper connections that go beyond a transaction.

Frank’s workshop is an invitation to reimagine the donor-nonprofit relationship as a collaborative and collective effort, one that recognizes the inherent strength and wisdom within the community and leverages it to drive positive change. Donors will not just be passive contributors; they will become active partners in the nonprofit’s mission, fostering a sense of ownership and commitment that can lead to a more significant, sustainable impact.

About Frank Velásquez Jr.
A racial and gender equity advocate, Frank Velásquez Jr. leads and collaborates with passion, authenticity, and an open mind. He connects to the stories that make each of us who we are and the stories that inextricably connect us to each other. His passion is to bring local, regional, and national attention to the inequities that communities of color face so that they, too, can economically advance and build their generational wealth. Frank currently does this through his business, 4 Da Hood, and its signature Ascending Leaders in Color fellowship program in which people of color have their own space to authentically be.

Please note, this is a hybrid event. Please indicate on the form below if you plan to attend the event in-person at the CF Campus or virtually via Zoom.