These 90-minute drop-in sessions will provide an open, candid forum addressing the concerns and challenges that the participants bring to the session, whether they are board leaders, board members, or the executive staff who work most closely with boards. All are welcome, including those who are interested in serving on a board but have not had an opportunity to serve in that role previously.

In advance, we encourage you to give some thought to your situation.  Are your board meetings dull and lifeless? Do you engage in conversations with your board that matter? Are you having trouble recruiting new board members, particularly from diverse communities?  Are you satisfied with how you orient and on-board new board members? How are the relationships working between your board and staff? Do you have too many committees? Do your board members help open doors and raise funds?

There are many questions and dilemmas that can be discussed, so “Board Café” will focus on what you are interested in exploring with your peers across the community.  We hope you will join us for lively discussions and problem-solving.

Meetings are held via Zoom on the last Monday of each month from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM.