Good budgeting is critically important to the success of your nonprofit given the reality of stretched resources and uncertainties about funding. The process of building a budget is fundamentally a planning process to provide an overview of how much revenue your organization expects to receive and to plan for fixed and variable expenses.

Once adopted, the budget also becomes an essential financial management tool helpful in monitoring ongoing organizational progress throughout the year. Many nonprofit staffers find the budgeting process confusing and challenging, especially the first few times you participate in the process.

Whether you are the Executive Director or CFO/Finance Director leading the process or contributing parts to the end product, this session aims to de-mystify the process and answer your questions about how to make the budgeting process less painful and more productive and how to use comparisons to the budget to monitor your organization’s financial health.

About Our Presenter

Joan Hubele, MBA, is the Chief Financial Officer of Our Family Services. She has an undergraduate degree in Finance and Entrepreneurship as well as a Masters of Business Administration from the U of A. Joan has worked in the finance and accounting field for 16 years in a variety of sectors and organizations, both for profit and non-profit, including IBM, Johns Manville, University Physicians Healthcare and Community Partners Inc.  She has served as the CFO at Our Family Services for four years.  Joan is a native of Tucson and committed to the improvement and sustainability of her community.