Coping with COVID-19 is a four-part virtual series offered by the Center for Healthy Nonprofits intended to help nonprofit organizations now and as they adapt in the future. Presenters will focus on planning and decision-making, including recommendations about technology use and implement scenario planning, financial forecasting, and management. The final session is specifically for nonprofit CEOs and Executive Directors to help them think about managing their own stress in the midst of uncertainty and incorporate self-care practices during times of crisis.

Part Two: The New Normal is Not Normal

The changes brought about by the pandemic will not fade soon–perhaps never–so nonprofit organizations need to shift to a new paradigm about who they are, what they do and how they do it in the society in which we’re now living in.  The financial, staffing and programmatic impact is widespread in the sector, so leaders cannot just wait it out, hoping things will get better on their own. Business as usual just won’t work.

Scenario planning helps leaders mitigate risk by making short-term strategic decisions in the midst of an uncertain and rapidly changing environment. With the discipline of anticipating alternative scenarios that could happen before they happen, leaders can plan for the decisions they need to make.

Nonprofit consultant and experienced nonprofit leader, Robert Alpaugh, will detail the building blocks for putting together a scenario planning process for your organization.  He will highlight real-life case studies of how nonprofit boards and staff have collaborated on building and evaluating several scenarios for their future.  The session, conducted on Zoom, will provide opportunities for interaction both with the presenter and fellow nonprofit leaders who participate.

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Part Three: Using Digital Tools During & After the Pandemic
June 11 | Click here to register

Part Four: Selfcare for CEOs During Unsettling Times
June 25 | Click here to register

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