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Honor the Achievements and Resiliency of the Black Community

As we honor the achievements and resiliency of the Black community during Black History Month, we invite you to give to the African American Legacy Fund (AALF) held at the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona. This fund was established by esteemed educator and philanthropist Dr. Anna Jolivet and stands as a pivotal force in empowering the Black community.

This is your opportunity to amplify your support and create a lasting impact. 

With the generosity of donors like you, over $325,000 has been invested in the African American and Black community in Southern Arizona. But this is just a start. As we look toward the future, we aim to invest even more by championing Black Led Organizations, developing leaders, and funding innovative nonprofit programs. Will you join us by making a gift today? 

Exciting Partnership: The Connie Hillman Family Foundation Challenge Grant

We are thrilled to partner with the Connie Hillman Family Foundation, which has generously offered a challenge grant. This means your donation can make DOUBLE THE IMPACT to the African American Legacy Fund.

Donations to AALF will support future generations of Black leaders, organizations, and businesses in Southern Arizona.

As we celebrate the legacy of Black History Month and the spirit of leaders who came before us, like Dr. Anna Jolivet, let’s also commit to building a future where all members of our community have equal opportunities for success. By donating to AALF, your contribution goes beyond a donation—it is an act of shaping a community where diversity is a cornerstone of prosperity.

Your support is a powerful affirmation of your belief in the strength and potential of our community.

Let’s make history together – today and every day. 

To donate, click here.