Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2019
8:30-12:00 pm
Community Foundation of Southern Arizona
5049 E Broadway Blvd
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As an increasingly diverse workplace has become the norm, the need to collaborate among cross-functional teams becomes imperative to tackle pressing organizational problems. How can diversity enrich and support a better functioning team? How can storytelling be used to embrace issues of diversity? In this workshop, you will acquire the tools you need to expand productive work across differences.

  • Learn how stories can help redefine your reactions to difference and understand it as an asset in your team.
  • Cultivate your ability to understand and respect multiple points of view without needing to own them yourself.
  • Experience a practical model developed to help create trust and improve communication.

Noa Baum is an internationally recognized storyteller and author who brings the power of story to communities, using stories to transcend boundaries. Noa helps organizations and communities bridge gaps between differences, with engaging dialogue and storytelling, creating stronger bonds, an increased sense of community, trust, and genuine understanding.

This is a free workshop. Register here

Sponsored by:

Vitalyst Health Foundation and Community Foundation for Southern Arizona