Excellent Educator Recognition Award & Hiremath Student Integrity Prize

These Integrity Awards go to a teacher and a student at Ironwood Ridge High School at their Veteran’s Day Assembly.

Rev. James Briney felt inspired attending a Veteran’s Day assembly at Ironwood Ridge High School.  He shared that while he was in the company of so many veterans who fought for our freedoms with the utmost integrity, and among students, teachers, and community leaders who were exercising those freedoms in an atmosphere of learning, he decided to create the Excellent Educator Recognition Award & the Hiremath Student Integrity Prize.  The awards are presented at the Veteran’s Day assembly each year as a way to honor the ideals our veteran’s fought to preserve.

Veteran signing student's VHP book "Since You Asked"

Veteran signing student’s VHP book “Since You Asked”

The Veteran’s Heritage Project (VHP) sponsors the Veteran’s  Day assemblies.  VHP is a club that connects students with  veterans and is in 14 schools in Arizona, one being at Ironwood  Ridge High School.  Students are responsible for interviewing,  writing and celebrating their veterans’ stories of military  experience.  They become published authors, by contributing  their stories to VHP’s annual hard-covered book entitled  “Since You Asked” which is archived at the Library of Congress, in Washington, DC.

The Excellent Educator Recognition Award goes to a teacher who his/her colleagues see as a genuine and authentic inspiration to students by creating a professional learning environment and being a model of integrity.  Students who wish to be considered for the Hiremath Student Integrity Prize submit an essay about integrity that is based on insight, observation, and personal experience.

In addition to the monetary awards, the teacher receives a proclamation from the Mayor of Oro Valley and the student receives an Achievement Certificate from CFSA.

Rev. Briney shared, “As the fund grows, I would love to see these awards become models for other high schools.  My idea is becoming reality because the Community Foundation is willing to work with all concerned to make it happen.”

Rev. Briney handing the award to Joanna Mona at this year’s ceremony

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Christopher Rohrer, Excellent Educator Recognition Award
Joanna Mona, Hiremath Student Integrity Prize

Mark Hodge, Excellent Educator Recognition Award
Kelsey Abel, Hiremath Student Integrity Prize

Ryan Maish, Excellent Educator Recognition Award
Sydney Baumgardner, Hiremath Student Integrity Prize

Nicole Blanchard, Excellent Educator Recognition Award
Patrick Klass, Hiremath Student Integrity Prize

Rebecca Scheel, Excellent Educator Recognition Award
Kyle Taylor, Hiremath Student Integrity Prize

Don Dickinson, Excellent Educator Recognition Award

This is a closed nomination process. To learn more, please contact Enedina Miller at emiller@cfsaz.org or (520)770-0800 Ext. 7111.