Ways to Give through the Foundation

We offer a variety of Fund types to meet your charitable interests and financial goals.

Unrestricted Funds.  Join others in supporting the most pressing needs facing our community now and as they evolve over time. Read about Susan, who started an unrestricted fund. Learn more about how the Foundation allocates unrestricted funds.

Field of Interest Funds.  Address needs and opportunities in a particular area of interest that match your interests and passion, such as arts, education, children and basic human needs.

Designated FundsSelect a particular charity to support. We manage the grant making process and ensure that your intent is honored, even if the organization is merged or goes out of business.

Donor Advised Funds.  Advise on grants to any charitable organization in the United States with the expert guidance of our professional staff. We manage the grant and reporting process to meet your needs.

Scholarship Funds. Craft a scholarship program that meets your needs and interests. We manage the entire process and provide you a personal connection to the recipients. Read about the Splendido scholarship fund.

Memorial Funds.You can carry on the legacy of a loved one by starting a fund in their name. They will forever be remembered. Memorial funds are typically established as an unrestricted or scholarship fund.

Deferred Funds.You can plan now for how you will leave a legacy.  Start a fund that will accrue interest and provide tax advantages now, but will not be distributed until after your lifetime.

Considering a Private Foundation?

Donor Advised Funds and Supporting Organizations can be cost effective alternatives to private foundations. Compare 4 approaches to giving - direct gifts, donor advised funds, supporting organizations, and private foundations. Supporting organizations allow you to select board members, maintain personal involvement, and support the causes and organizations you care about – all while benefiting from the favorable tax treatment of a public charity. You can leave the investment management, start up costs, grant administration and reporting requirements to the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona staff.

Read about the Worth and Dot Howard Foundation, now a supporting organization to the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona.

Leaving a Legacy with Planned Giving

Join others by placing the Foundation in your estate plan to ensure that your charitable legacy is managed in a way that honors your specific intent now and forever. More information about planned giving