Diversity, Equity,  and  Inclusion Series

Assess and Improve Your Organization’s DEI Policies  + Practices: Part 1

Most organizations have mission statements that profess their value for diversity, inclusion, and justice.  While well-intentioned, they often miss the mark with unreachable goals for narrowly defined states of diversity, or with programs and policies that unintentionally target or silence marginalized groups.  Additionally, many grantmakers—including the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona—take your organizational commitment to advancing DEI very seriously. At CFSA, a basic requirement for CORE funding is to have in place a board-approved statement on non-discrimination.

We are offering a two-part series of workshops targeted toward leaders of Southern Arizona nonprofits who are current grantees and/or future applicants for funding from the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona.

These two workshops provide an opportunity for you to examine the current state of your DEI journey, organizational challenges and to identify next steps needed to demonstrate your commitment to DEI and non-discrimination.

The first session on October 26, 2020 will provide tools for planning and assessing efforts to create healthy, diverse and inclusive organizations.

The second session on November 16, 2020 will provide an opportunity for you to examine your current non-discrimination policy, discuss organizational challenges and identify next steps needed to demonstrate your commitment to DEI and identify ways to strengthen the vocabulary and intent of your organization’s policy.

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About the Presenter:

Kikanza Nuri-Robins is an organization development consultant who helps people and organizations that are in transition – or ought to be.  Her clients include schools, NPOs, government, and faith-based organizations. She has been an advocate for justice, equity and inclusion for her entire career, serving mission-driven organizations across the country.

For over 40 years, she has been an advocate for marginalized and targeted people.  Her focus is on sustaining healthy organization cultures by improving communication, developing effective leaders, and aligning corporate values with daily practice. She started her career thinking she would change the world.  Now she knows that she is most effective making a difference, wherever in the world she finds herself, one conversation at a time.

Kikanza is the author of many articles and six books, including: Cultural Proficiency and Fish Out of Water.  She lives in Los Angeles where she serves on the Bio-Ethics Committee of the UCLA Medical Center and the boards of several social-service organizations.