A robust body of research has concluded that healthy relationships are key to well-being. But in order to have healthy relationships, we need a strong sense of ourselves and the ability to treat ourselves with the same kindness we want to share with others. Easier said than done! In this interactive session, participants will engage in an in-depth exploration of what it means to be kind to yourself and the importance of prioritizing self-kindness practices.

About Our Speaker

Jeannette Maré is a communication scholar, currently a PhD candidate, who has been teaching kindness for over 20 years. Her world changed drastically after the sudden death of her son in 2002. In the incredible grief of losing Ben, the lifesaving, world-changing power of kindness became her sole focus. With her heart broken open, she founded Ben’s Bells, a nonprofit that inspires and teaches the intentional practice of kindness. Using humor and storytelling, Jeannette helps people learn the skills they need to put their kind intention into action to strengthen relationships and communities.