This session will build on the learnings from our September 24 module covering ED review and executive compensation.  During the October 22 session, we will discuss the rationale for and value of running an effective performance management process, the brain science describing why giving and receiving feedback is so difficult, techniques to provide feedback more effectively, and an example of ED objective setting and performance review.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Key success factors for an effective performance management program
  • Guidelines for feedback and documentation
  • The “SCARF” model* for creating a positive feedback experience
  • How to conduct feedback conversations, including step-by-step recommendations
  • An example of how one nonprofit board sets objectives and assesses performance of its Executive Director

About the Presenter:

David Howe recently completed a 27-year career as a Human Resources executive at Merck & Co., Inc., where, among other roles, he had global responsibility for all talent management programs, including performance management.  David has now launched his career’s second stanza as an HR consultant to nonprofits and small- to medium-sized businesses, three of which he has guided through improvements to their performance management programs.  David also sits on the Board of Trustees of two additional nonprofits.  His vision is to build better workplaces by raising the leadership effectiveness and strategic management of organizations that have positive social impact.  David lives in Yardley, Pennsylvania with his wife and has two grown sons currently enrolled in college.

* Credit to The NeuroLeadership Institute