The Leaders Guide to Mastering Feedback:

Transforming Relationships One Conversation at a Time

Feedback is a crucial communication skill. But fear of getting it wrong often holds us back from speaking up. When facing a challenging conversation at work, you may be thinking, “What if my feedback causes a meltdown—or they quit?” While it’s tempting to avoid that discussion, that’s not the solution. Leaders have the responsibility to find a way to connect with their employees and others in an artful, compassionate, and courageous manner that transforms relationships and results. Join PCC Coach and HR professional Joni Hibdon for this important topic while she shares real-life solutions to giving feedback to achieve the results you want.

You will discover how to:

  • Create the optimal environment for feedback.
  • Remain heart-centered during difficult conversations.
  • Offer the right feedback to the right person at the right time.

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About Joni Hibdon

Joan (Joni) Hibdon is a passionate and dynamic speaker known for her ability to inspire and empower audiences. With a global and diverse industry background, Joan brings a unique perspective to the stage, captivating listeners with her engaging storytelling and insightful wisdom. After a 30+ year-long career in human resources, coaching, and professional development, Joan channeled her passion for cultivating cultures where people thrive and established jdhInsights.

jdhInsights engages with organizations in various capacities, such as one-to-one executive coaching, performance coaching, leadership development, and team building, with the sole purpose of helping those organizations achieve extraordinary results. Her ability to listen to others and share critical insights is essential for human and business results. She has gained the reputation of being a trusted advisor, coach, and valuable business partner.

Joan is a Denver, Colorado native and now resides in Glendale, Arizona. Joan graduated from the University of Phoenix with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. She holds several certifications in Leadership Coaching and Team Effectiveness. In her spare time, Joan loves cycling, backpacking, sailing, performing in various music venues, and hanging out with her husband and daughters.