The HR Roundtable gathers on the last Thursday of the month to share our experiences in building better workplaces and discuss relevant themes within the scope of Human Resources in organizations with a positive social impact. October’s meeting will feature Susie Huhn, former CEO of Casa de los Ninos, to present on Healthy Leadership Transitions and Succession Planning.

Succession planning is a critical aspect of organizational sustainability and continuity. In this engaging webinar, we will delve into the world of succession planning specifically tailored to non-profit organizations’ unique needs and challenges. Whether you are a non-profit leader, a board member, or a staff member involved in organizational development, this session will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to effectively prepare for leadership changes and ensure a seamless transition.

About The Presenter:
Susie Huhn has 45 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, having just stepped down as the CEO of Casa de los Ninos after a successful tenure of 18 years with a track record of extensive work in Early Childhood Education, Parent Education and Support, Child Welfare and Mental Health Services. She has had the opportunity in two separate organizations to implement strategy leading to growth of services in both urban and rural communities throughout Arizona.

She is eager to share some of her own experiences with leadership transitions as she has experienced leadership transition from both a staff and board perspective. She just completed her own transition and has also been on three search committees as a board member of local, state and national organizations.