Now more than ever in these uncertain times, new conversations can de-escalate polarization and build community.  But more than that, new conversations can inspire new direction and mobilize new resources in our community.

Join us for a lively discussion on a proven technique for creating new ways of being in the world. As a follow-up to her July 24 session on reinventing nonprofits in the time of COVID-19, Deb Maher will help you learn more in-depth techniques for practicing conversations worth having.

You’ll have a chance to see and discuss an inspiring video which tells the story about how such conversations during another real-life crisis, have indeed changed the world. You’ll also leave with an enhanced personal ability to communicate across differences.

About Our Presenter:

Deborah Maher is a consultant in organizational and leadership development. As the principal of DFM Consulting, she is an expert in Appreciative Inquiry and uses it as an informing methodology and philosophy in her work with organizations and boards.

Deborah specializes in helping organizations see new possibilities in times of uncertainty.  Her highly interactive and inclusive approach results in strategic frameworks that offer additional support for leadership teams so they can make new visions become realities.  She is certified in Appreciative Inquiry, Leadership Coaching, Facilitation, and Project Management, and holds an MBA and MPA.