Whether peer-to-peer fundraising has been on your to do list or it’s something you’re considering for the first time, your organization deserves to be able to fundraise through every channel available. Simply put, peer-to-peer fundraising is a way to have others fundraise for you. This tactic has untapped potential to engage new audiences, increase donations, and develop a new or increased stream of revenue.

Join Catchafire on April 28th to learn how to plan, execute, and empower others to fundraise for your organization from Catchafire’s Nonprofit Engagement Manager Jay Jean Grey (they/them).
 In this webinar we’ll cover:
  • Expert guidance on how to empower others to fundraise on behalf of your organization.
  • Tools and tips to get started with peer-to peer fundraising.
  • How to create a peer-to peer fundraising toolkit to maximize your success.