Attention Board members and CEOs/Executive Directors– Join us for this important risk management topic.

What happens when your organization’s leader can’t take another zoom meeting and marches into the foothills, dropping laptops and cellphones along the way?  Will you:

  1. Head in the opposite direction without looking back
  2. Call in sick until someone else is hired
  3. Pull out your comprehensive and up-to-date succession plan

During the workshop, we will discuss:

  • The difference between an emergency transition plan and succession planning
  • What can be prepared in advance?
  • Who should be involved?
  • Challenges for large and small organizations
  • How do we handle the awkward conversations?

About Our Presenter:

Betsy Wallace has worked in Leadership Development for more than 20 years, including seven years with Merrill Lynch.  At Merrill, Betsy managed an Executive Development group where her team designed succession planning and development processes for the top 300 leaders of a 15,000 person business unit.  Leading the annual succession planning review was one of Betsy’s key responsibilities.

In 2018 Betsy joined the board of Rise in Mercer County, NJ and soon became the VP of governance with a focus on board development.  Through conversations with her nonprofit colleagues, Betsy learned of the lurking need for nonprofit boards to proactively plan for leadership transitions for long-standing CEO’s, ED’s, and board leaders.

Recent nonprofit projects include helping implement an Emergency Transition Process; creating a core-values based performance management system; helping pre-plan for an executive search; and coaching an interim Executive Director during an emergency transition.

With a Master’s degree in Organizational Communication, Betsy’s first love is interpersonal skills coaching for executives, leaders, professionals, and students, developing their potential within the context of their organizational and career goals.