This 90-minute session is aimed at educating nonprofit organizations about the fundamentals of cybersecurity, common threats, and best practices for protecting against cyber-attacks. The class will begin with an overview of the cybersecurity landscape, including why nonprofit organizations are particularly vulnerable to attacks.

In this session, we will also focus on the best practices for cybersecurity for nonprofits, including creating strong passwords, conducting regular software updates, and implementing multi-factor authentication and encryption. We hope to equip your nonprofit organizations with the knowledge and tools needed to protect themselves from cyber-attacks and keep their sensitive data secure.



About Our Speaker

John Whalen is a highly accomplished information management and cybersecurity professional with a wealth of experience in program management, talent management, and organizational effectiveness. He is a Critical Infrastructure cleared + TS/SCI professional with expertise in building, growing, and maturing information security ecosystems within organizations. John also serves as a volunteer board member to a non-profit organization where he emphasizes cybersecurity, compliance, risk management, technology, and security governance, and process maturity.