Artist spotlight Rebecca Volkmann

2023 Campus Artist Spotlight: Rebecca Volkmann

The Community Foundation for Southern Arizona and CF Campus are thrilled to highlight individuals currently showcasing their art on our Campus! In March 2023, CF Campus welcomed 60 newly installed pieces of art that will be on display for a year and available to purchase. CFSA is proud to offer this opportunity to local artists at no cost and receives no commission on artists’ sales. 

Featured artist Rebecca E. Volkmann is inspired by dreams, poetry, relationships, and by her place as a woman and creator. Her personal narrative sometimes depicts the interplay between women and men, but most importantly, depict the strength she views in the women as unique characters. In most cases, each figure depicted by Rebecca is created intuitively and from her imagination. Her work is based on experimentation and is, by nature, intuitive. Her focus is on careful observation and what can come out of the painting itself through color, layering, and texture.

Q & A with Rebecca Volkmann

Where are you from, and how does that impact your work?
I moved to Tucson in 2019 from Washington, DC where I lived for 23 years. I feel like the move was hugely beneficial for my artwork practice. 

Tell us about your favorite medium. Why is it your favorite?
My favorite medium is mixed water media. I have also dabbled in oils, ceramics, and photography.  

Where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration in relationships, family history, autobiography, nature, strong female figures, and my intuition. 

How do you usually start your pieces?
Intuitively and then I move into more focused figurative and narrative work as it progresses. 

What motivates you to create art?
A strong need for self-expression and self-inquiry. 

Why do you think it is important for art to be part of public spaces?
I believe that art in public places shares the narrative that identifies history, culture, and place. 

Rebecca’s artwork, “King of Legends” is on display at CF Campus.
Contact Campus to schedule a time to see Rebecca’s art and the other artwork that is on display!

Visit Rebecca’s website here.