Kathy Altman & Ivy Schwartz Create Permanent Endowment to Support LGBTQ+ Alliance Fund 

The LGBTQ+ Alliance Fund, an initiative of the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona, is proud to announce the creation of its seventh permanent endowment founded by longtime supporters, Kathy Altman and Ivy Schwartz.

“On behalf of our Board of Trustees, we want to thank Kathy and Ivy for investing in the long-term success of the LGBTQ+ Alliance Fund,” said Jenny Flynn, President and CEO of the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona. “Their support will help propel the initiative as it awards larger grants and transitions to multi-year funding.”

“Thanks to Kathy and Ivy’s generosity, the Alliance Fund is now closer than ever to reaching $1 million in endowed funds to support its grantees now and into the future. Kathy and Ivy’s philanthropy is inspiring, and we are so grateful for their vision and investment,” said Ethan Smith Cox, Chair of the LGBTQ+ Alliance Fund.

Kathy and Ivy are longtime supporters of the Alliance Fund and have devoted significant treasures, personal and professional, to the advancement of LGBTQ+ equity in Pima County.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to invest in the Alliance Fund,” said Kathy and Ivy. “Along with our commitment to ensuring a sustainable planet, the protection of our LGBTQ+ neighbors goes hand-in-hand with our hopes and values. We were blessed with quality education and careers— and the impact of suffering is evident to each of us. Thinking globally and acting locally, we appreciate the opportunity to give back by creating a named endowment to support Alliance Fund grantees in perpetuity.”

The Kathy Altman and Ivy Schwartz Endowment is the seventh endowment created for the Alliance Fund since 1999. The endowed funds now collectively near $900,000, and include the Douglas Noffsinger & Roger Funk Endowment, the Noel Matkin–Jim Sincox Endowment, the Kent Burbank and Vicente Talanquer Endowment, the Walt Whitman Endowment, the Kristen Birner and Colette Barajas Endowment, and the general Alliance Fund endowment.

The LGBTQ+ Alliance Fund was created in 1999 by the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona with support from donors, community members, and the National Lesbian and Gay Community Funding Partnership. To date, the Alliance Fund has awarded 219 grants to 75 organizations, totaling $1,131,957. Learn more about the LGBTQ+ Alliance Fund here.