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CFSA Welcomes New CF Campus Member Services Coordinator

CFSA is excited to welcome a new staff member, Erin Henderson, serving as Membership Services Coordinator for our Community Foundation Campus!

Erin never thought she’d still be in Tucson 10 years after originally uprooting from her hometown of Columbus, GA to serve as a post-grad AmeriCorps VISTA with Social Venture Partners Tucson at CFSA’s previous campus.

Since completing 2 terms as an AmeriCorps VISTA, Erin has deepened their roots in the Tucson community through nonprofit volunteering and program development, direct service, relationship building, advocacy, activism and art. In Erin’s world, collaboration and radical sharing aren’t just buzzwords—they are the buzz! “Collaboration can bring with it many tools for success: access, resources, oversight, accountability, productivity, diversity, equity, and increased impact.” Erin is passionate about connecting nonprofits to these benefits.

As CF Campus Member Services Coordinator, Erin sees nothing but possibility for the future of collaboration and connections at CF Campus and welcomes your ideas. Contact Erin to learn more about becoming a CF Campus Member.

Fun Facts:

  • Erin likes to sing, swim, sit and socialize in her free time.
  • Their favorite food is potatoes!
  • Erin’s favorite musical artist is tough to choose, but her favorite rock band is Queen.