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Mulka Gift Helps Alliance Fund Surpass $500,000 in Endowed Funds


The LGBTQ+ Alliance Fund is pleased to announce the creation of the Sylvia Stan Mulka Endowment Fund, the single largest gift in the organization’s 22-year history. The $150,000 permanent endowment created by Alliance Fund Emeritus Board Member Sylvia Mulka has also helped the Alliance Fund reach a historic milestone: the Fund’s collective endowed funds now surpass $500,000.

“We are absolutely grateful to Sylvia Mulka for her generous commitment to the long-term success of the Alliance Fund,” said Board Chair Kent Burbank. “The growth of our endowment is critical and the Mulka Fund will allow us to directly invest in our grantees in perpetuity.”

The Fund agreement was signed in a private ceremony with Jenny Flynn, President & CEO of the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona. 

“On behalf of the CFSA Board of Trustees, we thank Sylvia for her forward-thinking investment in the Alliance Fund,” said Flynn. “Because of her leadership, the Fund is now better positioned to meet the growing needs of its grantees committed to LGBTQ+ equity and inclusion in Southern Arizona.”

Ensuring the Alliance Fund has long-term, dedicated monies for staffing was a top priority for Mulka, a longtime supporter. “I’m honored to be able to give back to a trusted organization with a 22-year track record of providing invaluable financial support for so many LGBTQ+ programs and organizations,” said Sylvia Mulka. “The Alliance Fund is headed in the right direction, and that’s why I wanted to set the foundation for continued growth.”

The Mulka Endowment is the fifth endowment created for the Alliance Fund since 1999. The endowed funds now collectively totaling $500,000+ include: the Douglas Noffsinger & Roger Funk Endowment, the Noel MatkinJim Sincox Endowment, the Kent Burbank and Vicente Talanquer Endowment, the Walt Whitman Endowment, and the general Alliance Fund endowment.

The LGBTQ+ Alliance Fund was created in 1999 by the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona with support from donors, community members, and the National Lesbian and Gay Community Funding Partnership. To date, the Fund has awarded 208 grants, totaling $1,025,897, to more than 65 local organizations.