COVID-19 Workplace Commons: An Initiative by Arizona State University and the World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum and Arizona State University (ASU), with support from The Rockefeller Foundation, have launched a global community to learn how employers are reacting to the COVID-19 pandemic. They are focused on how each industry is bringing employees back to the physical workspace and keeping them healthy.

They created this community by bringing together data from a global survey of employers and they need your help to gather the data by participating in the Keep Workers Well survey

All responses to the survey will be kept confidential. No company names or other personal information will be included in the final survey report. All data submitted will only be used for education and non-commercial research. Anonymous results will be aggregated and displayed as part of an Interactive Visual Interface at You and your team will be able to search the database directly and ask questions like these:

·       Are companies like mine (e.g. in my industry/geography/size) testing their employees?
o   If yes, what kinds of tests are they using?
o   If no, what are the reasons for not testing?

·       What are the testing trends by geography?

·       Are companies using contact tracing? If so, what kinds of measures are they using?

·       Are companies in my industry/geography requiring visitors to wear face masks?

·       What types of measures are most commonly implemented to prevent the spread of COVID-19? (you can sort by company size/industry/geography)

·       What are the most common changes implemented as a result of COVID-19?

·       What are the top three categories of costs incurred by companies besides testing?

Participants will have the ability to Get Involved by providing their contact information to stay informed, take future surveys, and participate in interest groups related to COVID-19 and keeping workers well.

Given the importance of the survey and the need to get data from as many companies as possible, please complete the survey by August 15th

Visit to take or preview the Keeping Workers Well Survey.