Resources for Disaster Philanthropy

Our friends at the Council on Foundations has provided the following update about key efforts to support the Australian wildfires and Puerto Rico earthquakes.  With the help of Center for Disaster Philanthropy, you can follow these instances and more, like the flooding in Indonesia and Mozambique as well as the typhoon in the Philippines.

Australian Wildfires

According to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy’s website, the fire situation in Australia has worsened significantly since the beginning of November 2019.  The fires are now so large that they can be seen by satellites in orbit.  For the latest updates, The Guardian has ongoing, in-depth coverage.

Resources To Direct Support to Australian Wildfires

Puerto Rico Earthquakes

Fundación Communitaria de Puerto Rico CEO, Dr. Nelson Colón reported that thousands are in shelters, significant damage was done to infrastructure and cultural sites, and thousands are sleeping in shelters or outdoors for fear of additional tremors.

Resources To Direct Support to Puerto Rico

As always, please contact CFSA’s Philanthropic Services team at 520-770-0800 to learn how the Foundation can help you achieve your philanthropic goals.