Grants from the Community Foundation are as diverse as our region.

Some are awarded through a competitive application process, while others reflect a recommendation from a donor advised fund. Regardless of origin, they have a single goal: improving life in Southern Arizona for us all.

When is the next open application cycle?

Our Community Investment Team determines what grant opportunities will be available each year. Check our Grants page for all grant opportunities.

How will I know when they Community Foundation and it's partners and affiliates have grant rounds?

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What types of support does the Community Foundation offer?

CFSA offers competitive grant rounds during the course of the year. Each one has specific guidelines so you will need to read each one to see if you qualify.

Our organization received an unsolicited grant from a Community Foundation advised fund. Can we apply directly to that fund for another grant?

The grant was not a result of a grant round; rather it is an indication of a donor wishing to support your organization. We suggest that you send a thank you note, either to our office or to the donor directly (if that option is provided in the award letter). Though not required, it doesn’t hurt to send a report about how the grant funds were used. We forward all correspondence on to the appropriate individuals.

Will the Community Foundation review a draft of our proposal and give us suggestions for improvement?

Unfortunately, there are simply too many nonprofit organizations in our service area to read and critique each request.

How often can we apply for a grant?

It depends on what opportunities are available and the restrictions that are listed in the guidelines.

Does the Community Foundation support capital campaigns?

Some of our donor advisors have supported specific capital campaigns over the years.

What if I have an urgent project?

Unfortunately the Community Foundation does not have an emergency fund.

My group does not have tax-exempt status. Can I still apply?

Applicants need to have a letter from the IRS granting them 501(c)(3) status OR a formal agreement with a 501(c)(3) organization in good standing that grants permission to apply under their status.

If using a fiscal agent, they are the applicant and forms need to be completed with that in mind. Most of our grant rounds only allow one application per organization. Make sure you check in with the fiscal agent before applying.