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CFSA Endowment for the Arts

The Community Foundation for Southern Arizona (CFSA) has supported the arts since its founding in 1980. As one of only 7 community foundations to receive a 2:1 challenge grant in 1986 from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), CFSA embraced the opportunity to establish a fund to support the work of small- and medium-sized arts organizations based in rural communities.

The goal of CFSA’s Endowment for the Arts Fund is to assist arts groups develop into organizations that

  • possess a mission/vision that promotes high quality artistic expression;
  • have an active and engaged Board of Directors; and
  • recruit volunteers and staff members that have a strong relationship with the community.

Since 1987, 358 unrestricted operating grants have been distributed totaling $556,390 to small- and medium-sized arts organizations based in rural communities.

In 2020, the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona’s is offering the Endowment for the Arts grant by invite only. Our hope is to focus in on the arts organizations in rural communities, learn more about the work that is being done in these communities, enhance our knowledge of that work and increase the amount of funding per organization. This will ensure that our granting dollars are making the most impact in southern Arizona’s rural arts communities.

If you are a rural arts organization, we encourage you to contact us. We are always seeking to learn more about what both emerging and established art organizations are doing.

If you have questions please contact Enedina Miller, Program Manager with the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona, at

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