Jarrett Ransom–otherwise known as the Nonprofit Nerd–is presenting a workshop that acknowledges It is impossible to be all things to everyone. She says we cannot even be all things to ourselves most days. That’s why identifying your genius zone is important to doing a better job for your ​organization.

When Jarrett formed The Rayvan Group in 2009, it was their goal to be a YES company. “Yes, we can help you with your grant writing. Yes, we can help you plan your fundraising breakfast. Yes, we can manage your database. Yes, we can {fill in the blank with anything + everything}.” Over several years of helping nonprofits with a variety of their fundraising needs, they decided to take a step back and identify what unique talents they have on their team.

Jarrett continues to build her team by asking these two questions:

  1. What do you love doing?
  2. What are you great at doing?

This is the same for you and your rockstar team. Your volunteers, board members, and staff all have areas of expertise. Everyone has an area of specialty that they too love doing and are great at! Ask them the two questions above and help to shift tasks and responsibilities off your plates accordingly.

Join Jarrett on October 14 at 10:30 am as she walks you through an exercise that you can use for yourself or with your team to help identify your genius zones.

About the presenter:

Jarrett Ransom works exclusively with nonprofits. She is passionate about creating community, empowering others to see and exceed their full potential. She recently served as Interim Executive Director of Alisa’s Angels Foundation.

She wears many hats and under her leadership and guidance, her teams across the nation raise millions of dollars every year to support and sustain their mission. The Rayvan Group has helped create sustainable fundraising strategies for start-up to multi-million-dollar charitable organizations. As President and CEO of The Rayvan Group, Jarrett consults with nonprofits to help them see the future of their organization. Not just their immediate needs, but several years down the road by providing strategic planning extending 3, 5, 10 years and beyond.

In addition, Jarrett is the co-host of the American Nonprofit Academy’s Nonprofit Show where she brings her dynamic energy and enthusiasm to the weekly show featuring nonprofit thought leaders and topics from around the globe. She has served as host and emcee for a variety of in-person and live events and will be serving as our Dames Extravaganza emcee for this special event.