Bylaws are what legally guide nonprofit organizations. They define the company’s purpose, official name, officers’ titles and responsibilities, requirements for membership, how the officers will be assigned, how meetings will be conducted, and how often these meetings will be held. Bylaws will dictate the way the group functions in addition to what the roles and responsibilities of the officers will have. They help lay out an organization map, so everyone will know what the purpose and the daily operations are.

When was the last time you updated your bylaws? Do you understand the differences between policies and procedures and bylaws? Finally, how many pages are your bylaws? Would you like some tips on updating your bylaws without all the BS? If the answer is YES, this is the right session for you. Hildy Gottlieb and Justin Pollock will provide a Case Study in how to review and update your bylaws and will share their expertise on how to update your bylaws without the BS.

Please note, this event will be conducted via Zoom.

About Our Speakers

Hildy Gottlieb is a social scientist and asker of powerful questions. She is the co-founder of Creating the Future, a global nonprofit that teaches people how to create systems change via the questions they ask.

Hildy now shares those questions with audiences around the world. Through the Catalytic Thinking framework she developed, those questions have been infused into the mission of the nonprofit she founded, Creating the Future, where individuals and organizations are learning how to create systems change by changing the questions they ask.

Hildy began her career as the legislative aide to Tucson City Council Member Tom Volgy (pron. Vol-jee). After leaving politics, Hildy started and operated several successful for-profit ventures, including a commercial construction company, a plant nursery, and along with her partner, Dimitri Petropolis, a commercial real estate brokerage, management, and business turnaround firm.

In 1993, Hildy and Dimitri chose to turn their business skills to making a difference in the world. Through their consulting firm Help 4 Nonprofits & Tribes, the pair became known across North America for their work assisting community organizations with strategy, governance, and resource development. By 1998, Hildy and Dimitri had grown frustrated with the lack of significant community improvement being created by “nonprofit” community benefit organizations around the world. Aiming their business turnaround skills at social change and leadership systems themselves, the result has been the world-changing work now being advanced both by Creating the Future, and through Hildy’s consulting and speaking.

Justin Pollock is founder of Orgforward, a consultancy that partners with community benefit agents and capacity builders to develop leadership and strategies that create communities where equity, dignity, engagement, and a healthy environment exist for everyone. His focus is supporting leadership with what is needed to effectively govern and operate organizations that actively and consciously make the world a better place. Justin is an active educator, coach, writer, and strategist with more than 25 years of experience in the community benefit field. He works with board members, staff, and volunteers from agencies ranging from small start-ups to large well-established agencies on topics of community outcomes, values and culture, governance, financial management, planning, supervision, leadership development, and organizational sustainability.

Core to the values of Justin’s work is considering every engagement an opportunity to partner with others to learn, engage, and feel confident about how we can create benefit for the people and environment around us.

Justin holds a dual B.A. in Organizational Theory and Environmental Studies from Pitzer College and a Curriculum and Teacher Education from Stanford University.

Justin is a Creating the Future Fellow and a Standards for Excellence Licensed Consultant® through the national Standards for Excellence Institute and serves as a master trainer for the Licensed Consultant Training program.