This workshop will help you invigorate your fundraising.

Be more CARING, CREATIVE, & COMPELLING with donors, members, sponsors, and other stakeholders. Emerge with 12 specific actions to weave strength into your nonprofit’s fundraising in the face of disruption and uncertainty. Matt Lehrman animates the principle that while the future is unknowable, it’s incredibly malleable.

Takeaways include:

• Connecting: Clasps versus Velcro
• Playing Notes vs. Sounding Chords
• Anxiety, Anger & Emotional Intentionality
• Rituals to Instill Confidence
• Frack your Donor Database
• A New Definition of Relevance

About Our Presenter:

The co-founder of Social Prosperity Partners, Matt Lehrman’s expertise is helping nonprofits, municipalities, and businesses make strategic decisions grounded in consensus among multiple constituencies.

Matt was the Founder and long-time Executive Director of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Alliance for Audience &, a statewide marketing collaboration of Arizona’s arts & cultural sector. His career started as a Washington, DC lobbyist and he pulled up stakes and moved to Arizona as a newlywed in 1988 where he joined the Citibank corporate sales team and later served as Marketing Director for Bank of Scottsdale.

Matt is an accomplished facilitator whose passion and expertise is guiding the strategic deliberations of boards of directors, governance councils, and management teams – as well as facilitating large-scale public-input projects.

When he’s not facilitating other peoples’ conversations, Matt speaks nationally – delivering inspiring keynotes and substantive workshops and webinars.