We’re delighted that you are interested in our upcoming BoardConnect event at CF Campus to connect nonprofits in our community who are seeking new board members with potential candidates who are interested in serving.

We are limiting the number of nonprofits to no more than 25. Each organization may have a maximum of two representatives at the event —ideally one staff member and one board member (perhaps the chair of your governance or nominating committee).

If you submit this registration form, you are essentially promising that your organization will  show up and participate.  We can’t afford to have no-shows when there are capacity controls on how many organizations can participate and we have up to 50 interested potential board members who will attend the event to “shop” for causes that touch their hearts and minds.

If we have more nonprofits who apply to participate than we can accommodate, we will form a waiting list in case there are cancellations and, if not, move those organizations to the front of the line when we organize another BoardConnect event next Spring.

We’ll provide participants with a table and a couple of chairs—how you decorate it will be up to you—tablecloth? Posters? Photo display of your mission in action?  We suggest that organizations come prepared with lots of business cards and a way to gather the names/contact info for the people you talk to who might be interested in becoming volunteers or board members.

BoardConnect Nonprofit Registration Fall 2021