“Nothing is more important to the health and sustainability of your organization than getting highly qualified and enthusiastic people to serve on your board. But many organizations struggle to identify the right leaders.” – BoardSource

The Center for Healthy Nonprofits and Greater Tucson Leadership are teaming up to help facilitate the challenging process of connecting local nonprofits with potential board members through their Spring 2022 BoardConnect event on Tuesday, June 7th from 5:00 – 7:00 PM at the Community Foundation Campus. 

Because building an effective, diverse board is about more than just filling slots, it means recruiting leaders who believes in your mission and have skill sets, perspectives and connections that align with your organization’s strategies, goals, and needs both today and into the future. BoardConnect will give you an opportunity to discover potential volunteer leaders that could help you build a more diverse board.

We will invite all the alumni of Greater Tucson Leadership and members of Tucson Young Professionals to participate in BoardConnect and will also be opening it up further to other community partners whose members might be interested in board service.

Event Format – NFL Draft

We’ll kick off the session with a welcome and acknowledge the nonprofits (Teams) participating. We will then have 30 minutes of open networking and time to enjoy food and beverage. We will follow this up with 30-45 minutes of active recruiting!  Guest will be encouraged to visit the organizations’ tables and learn about their mission and determine what “team” they may want to serve. When the NFL “bong” sound is heard and a team name is announced, that organization will have a brief mission moment and get to describe what kind of board member they are looking for! This will provide an opportunity for you to connect with potential board members.

It’s not exactly like the “NFL Draft,” but think of it more like an exhibit area where nonprofits have staffed tables with materials about their organizations and a way to gather names and contact information from potential board members and volunteers. Attendees will stop by the tables that interest them and engage in relaxed discussions about service opportunities—boards, committees, task forces, and hands-on volunteer work, as applicable. Since it is a two-way street, both the nonprofits and potential volunteers will have a chance to assess a potential relationship and whether it’s a good fit.

How to Participate

This event allows for two representatives from your organization (ideally one staff and one board leader) to participate in this two-hour event. There will be 20 – 25 nonprofits in attendance.

If your organization wishes to participate, please register through the form below.

The deadline for nonprofit registration will be Friday, May 13, 2022.

What to Expect

Each participating nonprofit will be provided with a large table and two chairs. We encourage nonprofits to bring materials for their space, such as poster/tabletop displays, photos of your mission in action, info sheets and brochures about your organization, etc. Nonprofits should be sure to have a means to collect names and contact information of interested potential board members.

CFSA will provide the participants with a map of the exhibit area and brief descriptions of the participating nonprofits to facilitate their ability to connect with organizations that interest them.


For any additional questions, please contact Rose Snyder at the Center for Healthy Nonprofits, at rsnyder@cfsaz.org.

*Please note, registration is required for attendance.