For 43 years, the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona has brought together individuals, families, businesses, nonprofits, and ideas to make Southern Arizona a better place for everyone.

As we launch this new strategic plan, we are sharpening our focus and refining our mission: To build a thriving Southern Arizona through philanthropy.

How do we define a thriving Southern Arizona?
It’s a great place to work, play, learn, create, innovate, invest, prosper, grow up, grow families, grow businesses, and grow older. It is a place where all community members are housed, fed, and have access to high-quality education, healthcare, and economic opportunities.
We envision a future when our communities use resources sustainably and have the capacity to adapt to changing needs with compassion for humans, animals, and our desert environment.
This vision is only achievable through the collective commitment of our community to enact real, lasting change. When we work together, the impossible becomes possible. In Southern Arizona, we BLOOM together.

Our Strategic Priorities

the number 1


Serve as a leader and resource for the community to achieve bold aspirations.

Number 2


Position CFSA as a preferred, welcoming, and inclusive partner and resource for community-minded donors.

the number 3


Invest in Southern Arizona's nonprofit sector to empower nonprofits to tackle community challenges effectively.

Help us create a thriving Southern Arizona for all.

Southern Arizona belongs to all of us, and we are excited to work with our generous donors, dedicated nonprofit partners, and committed professional advisors to continue building a vibrant and equitable community.
To learn more about our new strategic plan and how you can join us, please review our strategic plan guides below.

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Activities & Impact

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