Graphic for voting YES on Prop 481

CFSA Board of Trustees Supports Prop 481

Pima Community College (PCC) is currently restricted to the lowest per-student investment of any community college in Arizona.

Because of an outdated formula, PCC is not allowed to spend all of the money it currently receives on their students.  This directly limits the College’s capacity to expand in-demand job training programs in nursing, aviation, construction, information technology, and many other essential professions.

“The Community Foundation for Southern Arizona is committed to creating an equitable and vibrant community for all Southern Arizonans,” shared Claudia Jasso, Chair of CFSA’s Board of Trustees.  “The job training programs offered through Pima Community College are essential for many individuals in our community to learn a trade, advance their skills and careers, or begin their higher-education journey. I hope you will join us in supporting Proposition 481 and the students who will benefit from improved programming and increased professional opportunities.”

Proposition 481 asks Pima County voters to increase the amount of money Pima Community College can spend on students – with no additional cost to the taxpayers.  There is no tax increase associated with this proposition.

Each year, Pima Community College has a limit on how much money they can spend on their students. PCC can spend its money on other things such as buildings or debt service, just not directly on education. The amount is calculated from a formula that uses 1979/1980 spending as a base. The result is that Pima Community College has a limit that is about 40% lower than the average community college limit in the state. We are literally setting our students up to be less competitive than others in the state.

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